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7 March 2019

Selecting seeds

Selecting seeds for walnut production is realy important for high efficiency.

For many years, Seedlings obtained from the seeds of the type "Juglans regia L" are used walnut production in Turkey. Seeds to be selected for walnut production must be selected from superior feature seeds. It must not selected from natural and regional walnut trees in the area. There is some differences at that saplings which pollinated from other types. And also; the seeds collected from same tree (from same bough, from same buch) have difrent properties to each other.

  • The seeds must harvest, after green shell cracked 80%.
  • The best ones should be determined by a specialist.
  • Call +90 533 619 3028 for buy better saplings.
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9 March 2019

features of seeds

Seeds must carry these features.

We totaly selected true seeds for growing or seedlings.

  • Seeds should be homogeneous weighted at least 10-12 gram.
  • Seeds should be healthy, high fat rate and strong.
  • Hole of stem should be narrow at selected seeds.
  • Seeds should have high germination property, more than 80%.
  • After harvest; walnuts should keep in special place, where there is not direct sun, not damp, not airless.